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Hiring an electrician to work on the electrical wiring at home is a task that goes beyond flipping through the E – columns on your neighbourhood yellow pages. Too many times, people get in a hurry hiring someone because they can start right away, without doing a little bit of background checks. Finding a good, dependable, and honest electrician is not always an easy task, especially if you want the best work done at a competitive price.

So how do you pick the right person for the job? Here’s a list of things that you can look into to assist you in your hunt for a good electrician.

  • Electricians are trained professionals. It is for that reason alone that you are willing to pay upto three times more than what it would have cost you had you taken up the job yourself. So make sure that the person you hire is qualified and has a license or a permit to perform his work. It is important to note here that an apprentice is not yet qualified to work out of the direct supervision of an electrician.
  • Look for experienced workmen and make sure you get references that you can call, to find out the quality of prior projects, or problems that were encountered.
  • It is wise to ask for a quote and a report on the manner in which the work will be performed before hiring an electrician. Find out if everything is included for the price at hand or if there will be additional costs. Sometimes prices in materials go up due to the time difference between the time the estimate was given and the time the actual job is started. Also, find out if the estimate covers cleanup and removal of replaced components.
  • Try to get your prospect to give you a ‘hard-date’ for the completion of the work he is performing. It could be as simple as a week for the kitchen and two weeks to complete a lighting project. Knowing each phase of the project will help you organise your household accordingly.
  • Look for a detailed material and labor price sheet. Make sure that the figure is agreed on before work begins. Look for prospects that demand upto 33% to cover for initial material costs, and don’t stretch this figure to over 30%. Keep in mind that contractors mark up materials to cover their time picking up the materials and fuel charges for delivering them to your home.
  • Electricians are professionals who would have worked on the very same project in several households. So never hesitate in clarifying any questions you have because they will know the answers.

Eliminating the guesswork before the commencement of a project will make sure that your project goes through to completion hitch free. 

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