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Download pdfHow to Lower Electricity Bills through Energy Efficient Practices

This may sound too good to be true, but the world has a renewable energy source that is perfectly clean, remarkably cheap, surprisingly abundant and immediately available. It has astounding potential to reduce the carbon emissions that threaten our planet, our dependence on oil and the energy costs that threaten our wallets.  This miracle solution goes by the distinctly boring name of Energy Efficiency. Often ignored in the hubbub over alternative sources of energy, or the expensive nuclear energy sources, this simple concept of wasting less energy could be the solution we have been looking for to reverse our unsustainable increase in energy hogging and carbon spewing.

In economically challenging times like the present, it is even more important to conserve electricity because of spiralling energy costs. The fantastic thing about this is that the solution to a global crisis could start right in your living room, with you having everything to gain in terms of lower electricity bills. Here are some simple tips that can be incorporated into your household to lower your power bills, while being a part of the solution at the same time.

  • Most of us leave the lights on in all the rooms of the house whether or not they are occupied. Turning lights and fans off while leaving a room could be a simple, yet effective practise that would result in large savings of electricity bills.
  • Instead of using ordinary incandescents in your home lighting, you could switch over to Compact Fluorescent Lamps or more popularly, CFLs. Even though the CFL bulb costs more, you incur savings in the long run as they save power and last longer.
  • Smart usage of home appliances will also help reduce power bills. Say for example, using the washing machine once with a full load of clothes will consume less electricity when compared to multiple washes.
  • Heating water consumes a large part of the power consumption. Alternatively, you could use hot water jackets made up of vinyl cased fiberglass. Solar water heaters are another good option to save energy and lower the electricity bills.
  • Most of us watch TV and turn it off with the remote, but forget to turn off the main power supply. This takes only a second to do. Same is the case with computer monitors. Turning off power at the source to such devices could results in massive savings in the long run.
  • Air conditioner usage takes up a big chunk of the numbers in our electricity bills. Making use of split air conditioning in place of a centralised system will cool only specific areas of the house that require cooling. Also, clean air filters on ACs will ensure faster cooling resulting in more efficient utilization of electricity.

Following these simple steps will not take too much of your time or effort, but could go a long way in conserving energy, while leaving you with a heavier wallet.
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