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Download pdfDiscover if CFL Bulbs Really Pay For Themselves?

How many light bulbs does it take to change the world? One.  In 1985, the first Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs or more popularly, the CFLs appeared in the market as an alternative to the well established incandescent lamps. Many people found the CFLs cumbersome and inconvenient as they failed to provide the same bright glow offered by the incandescent bulbs, were not as quiet, and required holsters different from the ones used by normal light bulbs.

But a lot has changed since 1985.

Now, every one of those problems has been conquered; modern day CFLs come on quickly and their light is bright, white, steady and silent. But one thing has not changed about CFLs – the energy saving that they offer. Compact fluorescents emit the same light as classic incandescents but use 75% to 80% less electricity.

This effectively means that if every one of the 110 million households in America bought just one of these CFLs, took it home and put it up in place of an ordinary incandescent, the energy saved would be enough to power a city of nearly two million people. An even more impressive statistic is in terms of oil not burned or greenhouse gases not exhausted into the atmosphere – one bulb is equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars off the road. This is a result of the law of large numbers, with one small action being multiplied by 110 million.

Sitting humbly on shelves in stores everywhere is a product, priced at less than $3,that will change the world. It is a fairly ordinary item that nonetheless cuts to the heart of half of the most profound, most urgent problems we face. Energy consumption, rising gasoline costs, electric bills, Greenhouse-gas emissions, dependence on coal and foreign oil, Global warming, all of them.

The modern ice-cream swirl bulb requires no sacrifice. Apart from the fact that buying and using CFLs helps save the world, it also saves the customer money.

CFLs don't just work, they pay for themselves. They use so little power compared to old reliable bulbs, a $3 swirl pays for itself in lower electric bills in about five months. Put one in place, turn it on, and it's not just lighting your living room, it's dropping quarters in your pocket. Also, CFLs even in heavy use last for years and years. Install one on your twentieth birthday and it may still be around to illuminate your thirtieth.

CFLs end up offering you efficient lighting at a lower costs, with no compromise on quality. It is about selflessness and self-satisfaction, twirled into a single $3 purchase. We have come to a point where it is the fundamental responsibility of each of us to contribute towards sustainable growth all over the world, and if a light bulb seems to help so much, it really isn’t too much work that needs to be put in. Summed up with the words of Dr.David Goldstein, a PhD physicist, and senior energy scientist National Resources Defense Council - This could be just what the world's been waiting for, for the last 20 years.

At Avner Electric Inc. we recommend the use of CFL bulbs, as in our experience, we have found them to be very energy efficient and eco-friendly. Avner Electric provides quality trained professionals to service your every electrical need. Visit us at => http://electriccleveland.com/index.php for free electrical home inspection and free consultation on energy efficient products, which will save you hundreds of dollars. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this box is kept unchanged.

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