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Download pdfDiscover 5 Reasons Why LED Is the Answer to Your Every Lighting Need

The world of economical residential lighting continues to offer homeowners new choices. As energy costs continue to spiral northwards, new strides are being made not only in energy efficiency, but in bulb life in an effort to cut costs and increase savings.

The LED or Light Emitting Diode Light Bulb is actually a cluster of individual units. Many of these produce white light but others generate light of other wavelengths. The exact combination yields the desired light tone. This lighting falls under a category called Solid State Lighting or SSL. Simply put, light seen is emitted from a solid object rather than vacuum or a gas. They have a special circuit that uses less energy and lasts longer than a regular light bulb, and often use reflectors to enhance their lighting capacity.

So what are the reasons compelling enough to make you want to do away with the conventional incandescents? Here are a few.

  • Most LED bulbs are rated 50,000 hours or more. Consequently, an LED bulb will last upto 17 years when used for an average of eight hours in a day. As a result of their long life, you change LED bulbs less frequently, giving you a substantial savings in labor. In addition, with LED bulbs, you get the bulb’s actual, rated life; with filament-type bulbs, every time the bulb is cycled on and off, the bulb’s life is shortened due to the filament’s loss of metal.
  • LEDs offer amazing energy savings, using only a small percentage of the energy used by regular light bulbs. The LED light bulbs burn very cool, much different from the incandescent that burn 98% of their energy as heat. This in turn translates into an energy saving of upto 90% over normal incandescent bulbs.
  • Their low heat output also implies that that lighting fixtures also last much longer as they are no longer exposed to a constant high heat source. And, because so little heat is generated, the heat load for AC systems is also greatly reduced.
  • LED lighting are environmentally friendly. They don’t contain harmful materials and can be disposed of in a normal manner. Fluorescents (including compact fluorescents) contain mercury and require “Hazardous Material” handling when disposed of.
  • Unlike conventional bulbs that require high voltage wiring of 110V household power, LED fixtures operate on 12 volts, meaning that there are no wiring permits required and there are no restrictions on where fixtures may be located. Their inherent rugged design also makes them viable for outdoor lighting.

Lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size and faster switching, along with eco-friendly disposal methods make LED bulbs a very attractive proposition for your home lighting needs.
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