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Download pdfSix Most Costly Mistakes Involved in Do-it-Yourself Electrical

Everyone likes to save money by performing do it yourself projects. Hiring an electrician to come and do an electrical project for you can be very costly, so a lot of people attempt to do their own electrical work. Embarking on such a project takes a lot of preparation and planning. Though DIY projects work out cheaper, mistakes made due to lack of adequate knowledge or preparation could land you in trouble. Fixing a badly done wire job is often more expensive than doing it from scratch.

Most owners try a little bit of cost cutting by strapping on handymen gloves to fix small wiring jobs inside the house. Even though they’re minor tasks, there’s still danger of electrical shock involved with them and sometimes it’s just better to leave things of this nature to the professionals.  While getting shocked is a prime concern with electrical projects, an electrical fire can also be involved if you don’t take special precautions to protect yourself and your home.

So what are the common, yet costly mistakes made by amateur handymen? Here’s a list.

  • It may seem perfectly obvious, but thousands of DIYers receive electric shock injuries each year working on live wires. To avoid becoming a statistic, always turn off the circuit breaker (or remove the fuse) before working on or replacing electrical equipment.
  • Always make sure your wiring size and type match. Splicing wires by simply twisting them together and covering them with electrical tape is rarely a good idea. Instead, use wiring that is suitable to your home's wiring and house wiring connections in metal or plastic boxes, which reduce the risk of a fire.
  • DIYers often find themselves rushing through projects not taking adequate time to complete the work on hand. It is often ignored that there is no room for mistakes.
  • In the name of cost cutting, you often find yourself compromising on the quality of the materials being purchased. Doing the job once, and doing it right using quality materials could save more money than slip shod patchwork using sub-standard materials and equipment.
  • Electricians are trained professionals and are well aware of the code violations put in place to ensure safety when dealing with electrical wiring. They also ensure that when you do an improvement, your insurance carrier has the necessary paperwork to keep you covered. But these are often violated and can cause serious setbacks when trying to sell your home.
  • Not knowing one’s limits is probably the single most important mistake that can be made by a DIYer. For example, taping the wrong wires together can result in a major electrical fire when the electricity is turned back on.

Doing your own electrical wiring does have advantages, including considerable cost savings. But there are good reasons why most tradesmen like electricians are in an apprenticeship for 4-5 years; this stuff is not easy and very dangerous. If you worry that you’ve gotten in over your head, call in a professional and don’t risk your life or your home.

We, at Avner Electric Inc. with over 25 years of experience bring you the services of quality trained professionals, at the best possible prices to ensure that your wiring projects go through to completion hitch free, without melting a hole in your pocket. Visit us at => http://electriccleveland.com/index.php for Free Electrical Home Inspection. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this box is kept unchanged.

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