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home for saleWhen you put a home up for sale these days, you're facing stiff competition. In most parts of the country, buyers are faced with huge numbers of homes for sale. Before asking strangers to trade hundreds of thousands of their hard-earned dollars for your little palace, there are a few small things to look into. If you are in the midst of selling your home, the chances are that the property in question will be inspected thoroughly by a professional home inspector on behalf of prospective buyers.

One of the most common things that stand out during such an inspection would be electrical violations. Electrical violations are not something any home owner wants to see. Violations that deal with electrical work might include improper grounding, no covering for the electrical panelling, using an unlicensed electrician, not having a permit and not doing the wiring according to requirements. To retain or enhance the value of your homes, some of these things will have to be looked into and the required updates be made before a ‘For Sale’ sign is put up in the front yard.

Electrical Violations are not something any home owner wants to see.Home owners often confuse defects with code violations. Defects are different from code violations, in that they tend to indicate general wear and tear on part of a house, as opposed to indicating that something is not built to code standards. A code violation is when some element in the construction of the home violates the code standards. In older homes this can be the case, if a home, which may have originally been built up to code has not been updated, and now some structural elements are out of date.

A poor report from a home inspector could prove devastating to the offer prices that come in. Buyers will be hesitant and often unwilling to quote a high price on a house with violations keeping in mind the trouble that they may run into in making repairs or worse, being held responsible for not doing anything about these violations.

In terms of electrical installation and panels, older homes can often be double tapped. Other electrical defects can be present, such as shorted or dead outlets and missing electrical junction box covers. Some code violations are dangerous, but easily corrected. These might include broken or improperly installed smoke detectors.

Most such violations are a result of hiring an unlicensed electrician, who does not have a permit, and is unaware of the standard requirements. To prevent the violation of using an unlicensed electrician, you must use an electric contractor that is certified, licensed and insured to do the work.

Not all resale repairs will pay off. You don't want to spend a lot of money making improvements but you do want to repair obvious maintenance issues, if any have been neglected.
We at Avner Electric Inc. have been providing quality wiring services since 1982. We provide you trained professionals who are well aware of safety and code regulations, and they will make sure that your home does not lose value over electrical issues. Visit us at => http://electriccleveland.com/index.php for Free Electrical Home Inspection. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this box is kept unchanged.

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